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Ministerial Staff

Donald Bryant.jpg

Rev. Dr. Donald Bryant

79742464070_commerceproduct_8822_9_9 D Meney.jpg

Rev. Donald Meney

79742464070_commerceproduct_8822_8_8  J Meney.jpg

Rev. Jean Meney 

Bernadine Parrish.jpg

Rev. Bernadine


Donna Cropped.jpg

Rev. Dr. Donna Rhaney

Portia 4.jpg

Rev. Portia Sayles

79742464070_commerceproduct_8822_5_5 Smith Cropped.jpg

Rev. Catherine


Shiloh Baptist Church in Fredericksburg, VA

Rev. Nathaniel Hayes

Not Pictured:

Rev. Dr. Anthony A. Parrish


Diaconate Ministry

Deacon Nathaniel Harley-Chair_edited.jpg

Dea. Nathaniel Harley, Jr.
Diaconate Chair 

Deacon George Miller-Assistant Chair.JPG

Dea. George Miller

 Diaconate Vice-Chair

Team 1

Mary Tyson and Ray Byrd


Team 2

Carolyn Oglesby, Marqessa Njie, and Sidney Hankerson

Team 5

Nathaniel Harley and Audrey Prestonsoto

Team 6

Doug Richardson and Barbara Green

Team 3

Anna Griffin and

Stephen Griffin

Team 7

Jeri Swann, Faye Patterson, and George Miller

Team 4

Curtiss Millner and

Denise Millner

 Team 8

Jeanette Ellis, Tim Brown, and Barbara Bryant

Trustee Ministry

Trustee Judith Alston-Chair (1)_edited.jpg

Judith Alston


Trustee Michael Lewis-Assistant Chair.jpg

Michael Lewis

Assistant Chair

Jackie Bass-Fortune

Chris Brown

Shelia Cooper

Charlotte Corbett-Parker

James Ellis

Norman Frasier

Megen Gray


J. LeCoy Hunter

Herman Johnson

James Marlowe

Tempia Thomas

Samuel Thompson

Bridgette Trent

Church Staff

Church Clerk

G. Gaye Wilson


James Ellis

Church Secretary 

Charlotte Corbett-Parker

Church Sexton,Facilities Services Supervisor

James Marlowe

Media Technician

Van Collier